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June 2015 party revisited

HH poster 041915 144 dpiOh wow what a party! We estimate that 250 or so of our favorite people showed up on June 6, and if you look through the photos you’ll see few without big smiles. I think a lot of them were suckers for the promise of FOOD-MUSIC-DANCE-LOVE, but who can blame them? With everyone’s enthusiastic help and loving vibes, the party delivered the goods!

For me, the photos are bittersweet. Bitter, because I see how much of the party I missed by being the nuts and bolts guy frantically tweaking all the machinery and whatnot, and also by playing some in the dance band. It felt important to me, after working so hard for months to build the new dance floor, to get to play some of the inaugural dances, but now I see the cost of doing that. I pledge to be a more personable host in the future, so if you’re one of the many guests whom I barely said hello to, please give me another chance next time. “I am a man… but I can change… if I have to… I guess!” (Red Green Man’s Prayer)

But mostly the photos are sweet, as they give me a better feel for all that I missed, especially seeing all you awesome people enjoying each other and building community. If Brushy Run does nothing more than that, I will be a happy homesteader.

And now, finally, what I set out to write here… We were showered with great photos of the party from four different photographers. I have selected 261 of the best photos and posted them in four galleries on the PHOTOS page (link at the top). I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I have while working them up. Big thanks and love to Byron Wiley, Bayliss Harsh, Dwight DuBois and Marit Ehmke for capturing these great shots and allowing me to post them here.

We’re gonna be looking for the first suitable weekend come Spring 2016 for a “cabin fever reliever” potluck and dance. Won’t be as big of a deal as the next Homestead Hoedown, and we’ll be trying to figure out the best date for that one as well. Y’all have a great winter, come over and throw some food on the fire with us now and then, or just bring something warm to sip by the woodstove. Keep the community thang going. Otherwise, perhaps I’ll see you around the time I shave off this warm winter beard (my personal ‘groundhog day’).

Peace and love, Doug