Monthly Archives: August 2016

Job hunting

My awesome job of 10 years has come to a wimpering, untimely end. I was hired for a one-year project (developing and prototyping a telescoping drone wing for a NASA project), which turned into a two-year project, which then led to a host of other tasty aero (and terrestrial) design projects… Around the ninth year, the position began to feel deceptively secure. So sorry to see it go, but I am grateful for the experience, what I was able to contribute, and for the opportunities it bestowed on me.

Should you happen to come across an organization needing a designer and builder of stuff, would you please remember me and perhaps share my online résumé and portfolio? It’s super easy, here is the link:

And while I’m here, apologies for my delay in posting a review of the June party. We had around 230 shining souls*, and as far as I can tell everyone had a great time. I know I did, and I (happily) did a better job of visiting with folks this time. Luckily, you guys don’t need me to have a good time. Byron Wiley has shared bucketloads of great photos from the event, and at some point I will definitely make a gallery of the best ones and post it here.

Lastly, watch this space for a possible barn dance on Saturday, October 8.

Cheers and love, Doug

*  edited 9/9/16: I had accidentally typed 130 shining souls.