2016 photos and review, 2017 preview

bw 2016 28

I have uploaded 48 photos of the 2016 Homestead Hoedown from the always excellent camera of Byron Wiley. Click on the photo above to jump to the PHOTOS page. Thanks Byron!

2016 was a very good year here at Brushy Run. We hosted a Paul Sprawl Concert, a Spring barn dance, another awesome Homestead Hoedown/fiddlers reunion, workshops in composting and off-grid living, a Fall barn dance, and a romantic waltz night. Much love has been shared, and I am super-grateful for a truly wondrous community and for all who helped make the magic happen (in many ways, large and small). Your friendship is very important to me. I hope that 2017 looks a lot like 2016 in all these regards, and with that…

Here is our first-rough-draft EVENT SCHEDULE for 2017:

March 11 — Paul Sprawl concert in the barn. Paul made his Brushy Run debut last year about this same time, to a thrilled crowd. His masterful and compelling performances include his extraordinary blues/bottleneck/percussive/atmospheric/edgy/avante-garde guitar work, soulful baritone vocals and harmonica, and cutting, thoughtfully-crafted lyrics. His dancer/choreographer wife adds additional layers of beauty and intrigue to the performance. Anyone who has seen a Paul Sprawl performance will tell you to not miss this show. More info: www.paulsprawl.com

June 3 — Homestead Hoedown featuring the Second Annual Fiddler’s Reunion (foul weather date June 10)

October 7 — Fall Barn Dance (foul weather date October 14)

A happy and blessed 2017 to all! We’ll do our best to help with that.


PS: I am still looking for suitable employment, per the “Job hunting” post below. Do let me know if you know of any employers needing a consummate designer and builder of stuff.