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2017 Homestead Hoedown — June 3

We have a great event for you this year! Join us for another afternoon and evening of FOOD, MUSIC, DANCE, LOVE and more. The Junkyard Dogs, a terrific old-time band from Boulder, CO, will be here again to energize hearts, souls and feet for the barn dance portion of the show, led by our awesome beginner-friendly callers Jill Allen and Lisa Harris.

We are stoked about our Keynote Speaker Dan Chiras of the Evergreen Institute. Dan is the author of 36 books and over 400 articles on renewable energy, green/natural building, off-grid living, sustainablity and other topics. He will present a talk just for our audience: “What the World Needs Now…” or , “What Nature Knows that We Don’t About Sustainable Living.” Many of the secrets of living sustainably on the Earth come from nature itself, and Dan will cover a lot of ground in one hour, including how biomimicry offers valuable insights as we endeavor to change our lives, our communities, our world, and our future for the better.

Jeff Haemer will lead a workshop for old-time musicians of all levels. The Kansas Permaculture Institute will host a plant indentification walk. Caroline Hendrick will lead a Homesteading Systems Walkabout. After the Dan Chiras talk, it’s time for the epic potluck dinner, followed by barn dancing, jamming, and of course all the visiting you can handle. Please check out both sides of the flyer (below) and let us know if you need hard copies. We look forward to seeing you!

(PS: We anticipate a lot of cars this year… please share a ride if possible, and help us maximize our parking efficiency by parking close together.)