Monthly Archives: June 2017

Homestead Hoedown today, June 3

We are pleased with our weather forecast for today, and all systems are GO. The only significant update we have since the schedule posted below is that Ken Lassman will lead the plant identification walk on behalf of the Kansas Permaculture Institute (starts at 2:30). All other details in the schedule posted below still seem to be intact.

We care about the comfort of our ladies, and have improved the restroom facilities this year. We also have new outdoor games for kids of all ages to enjoy.

We have added chickens and guineas to the homestead this year… we would love for kids that don’t often get a farm experience to see them. Please monitor your childrens’ behavior around the birds and ask them to be calm and gentle in their presence. Thank you in advance.

For directions, follow the DIRECTIONS link at the top. We hope to see you here very soon!